Back-of-the-envelope Orbital Transfer Calculator

Launch from surface
Descent to surface

Total 𝝙v: 8756.54 m/s.

Elapsed time: 14 days, 20 hours, 42 minutes and 11.66 seconds



  1. Hohmann from `Iapetus' to `Prometheus': 2 burns, 𝝙v 8756.54 m/s


  1. involving burn 0 of `Hohmann from `Iapetus' to `Prometheus'': 1 burns, 𝝙v 2367.48 m/s
  2. involving burn 1 of `Hohmann from `Iapetus' to `Prometheus'': 1 burns, 𝝙v 6389.06 m/s

This calculator produces results using the botec library, developed by Eric Max Francis. The source code for this web wrapper can be found at